A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Mengane presents its new game on the occasion of the 39th edition of the Ludum Dare competition on the theme "Running Out Of Power": Deus Lightning Force
    This game takes place in ancient Greece. You embody Zeus, the supreme god, and you must keep an eye on your temples.
An ordinary day, while everything seems peaceful, malicious creatures come in order to attack one of these beautiful buildings.
Armed with your lightnings, exterminate these villains before they destroy everything in their path !
Without the faith of humans, what could you do ? Nothing !
During praying time, grab onto your cloud and go directly above the temple in order to recharge your stock of lightnings ! The more you neutralize the threat, the more it will mutiply ! So, be on your guard !
Deus Lightning Force pay tribute to the famous arcade games of the 80's.

Please read this instructions :

- Use left arrow and right arrow to move  

- Use down arrow to shoot lightning.

- Use M to mute the music.

- If  the cathode ray tube effect doesn't look good on your screen , try to change resolution or press P to desactivate him in game.


Deus : LF Windows 11 MB
Deus : LF MacOs 26 MB
Deus : LF Linux 15 MB

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